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Small Business

New Free Download : Excel Accounting Book Program   Download ExcelBook Instructions

This is amazing Accounting Program. It is an easy and simple Accounting program in Excel yet very powerful.

In no more than 60 minutes, you will master this program and keep your Accounting Book clean and Neat!



To Start: After you download the program:

(1) Unzip the folder and copy all files into your local drive such as C:\Document\Accounting\ABC\

(2) Close all other open Excel files in your system.

(3) Use Excel to open the Excel file: AccountingBook.xlsm from your folder.




 Video Training:


*Select a topic below and watch the video training about (5 - 10 minute videos)

(1) General Ledger Account Management

(2) Journal Entries

(3) Financial Statements and Other GL Reports

(4) AP Setup

(5) AP Invoice Entry

(6) AP Reports

(7) AP Print Checks

(8) AR Setup

(10) AR Invoice

(11) AR Reports

(12) Cash Receipt

(13) AR Apply and Unapply Credit

(14) GL Intergration and Error Handling

(15) GL Intergration




Clean the sample data to make a blank copy:

(1) Pay all outstanding AP for vendors to make balance to zero; enter cash receipt to all customer invoices to make all customers' balance zero.

(2) Post/release all AP and AR entries to GL.

(3) GL post/update (integration) all entries from AP and AR.

(4) Print GL trial balance

(5) Enter to a reversal entry to reverse all amounts in GL to make all GL Accounts balance zero.

(6) Close the year in GL, AR and AP.

(7) Delete history in GL, AR, and AP (after a year is closed, it will be shown as history. Select all the history year from the drop-down menu and click on delete icon to remove the history)

(8) You can modify company information to your company, and modify existing vendors and customers.


After you download the program above (with sample company and transaction data), watch the training video, practice a little, If you like the program, click the link below to send me an email and I will send you a blank copy of the program so that you can start your Accounting Job right away.
Click here to send me a request for a Blank Copy of this program without sample data.






Other Products:

Math Exercise Book

This is for K-5 elementary students to practice on their math.  It is NOT an online program NOR a program for your children to work on a computer in front of a computer.   It is a Math Exercise Book that you can print out unlimited versions of math exercises for your children to practice to improve their math skills.

Great features of this Excel math program:

1. For K - 5 graders practice on: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimal, faction, and applications.
2. It contains endless questions and math applications.
3. You will never need to buy a math exercise book because you can always get a new page of exercise by every click.
4. You can adjust the levels as the skills developed at anytime.
5. Use traditional approach. You child will work on a piece of paper instead of staring at the computer screen.
6. Step-by-step, your child's math skill can be gradually developed before you or your child can realize.

* This math exercise book can print out as many pages as you want.
* Never have to buy any other math exercise books.
* Millions and millions of pages can be printed (you will never get a same page exercise)
* $20 may change a life of your child.
* It makes a difference!

Please click here to see the Demo this YouTube ( will be ready soon)

If you are interested in getting a copy please send me an mail to request. I am collecting $20 fee.
Click here to send me a request email.

Send mail to ExcelPayroll@Gmail.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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Send mail to ExcelPayroll@Gmail.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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