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Offline Payroll Excel Program for  Everyone

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Welcome to Excel Based Payroll Application

Our Program Mission

-- Free: No monthly fee, no payroll fee

-- Easy: No installation; it runs on Excel

-- Simple: No Learning; it is very intuitive; just click to run

-- Accurate: No Error, all calculations pre-formulated with Excel functions

-- Reliable: Yes, Full set of Payroll tools included

2022 ExcelPayroll Update

New Free Accounting Software --Excel Accounting!

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This Excel Payroll Program Includes Everything You Need for Your Payroll

-- Includes Everything you need for Payroll Process

-- Free Excel Base VBA Payroll Program

-- Prints W2 forms, W3, 940, 941, DE9 & taxes liabilities

-- Prints on any types of computer checks

-- Accrual Vacation, workers' compensation reports

-- 401K, 125P, HSA, Garnishment, or other deductions

-- Simple, Easy, and very intuitive to use: Click and Pay

-- Generates accounting entries

-- Great for small companies with 1 - 50 active employees

-- Mid-year conversion and detailed instruction included

-- Customized withholding and timecard options available

-- Redo payrolls for previous years available

Download after September 1st, 2021 do not need update. For 2022 Update, Please contact us at Support@ExcelBook.Org

General Information: ExcelPayroll@Gmail.com

Send mail to ExcelPayroll@Gmail.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 12/31/2021